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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pre-Summer Golf Newsletter 2011

Golfers Who Want to Hit it Further!

I'd like to go over the 'RELEASE' in the golf swing with you at this time. The release starts occurring half way through the downswing, as we start rolling the arms and hands over. In this way, the club head can properly pass the hands when striking the ball.

Weight on Left: In order to have the possibility of a powerful release, most all of your weight needs to be on your left foot at time of impact. This means driving your weight onto your left side on the downswing, bracing against your left leg. As you do this, you want to pull the club through with your left side, leading with the handle of the club, keeping the club head lagging way back of the handle as you are rolling the arms and hands over. This is called loading into the club, loading up energy in the bowed shaft, so that when you release the clubhead, all that stored energy is applied to launch your golf ball into the stratosphere.

Posting through the Ball: This means that your left leg straightens at time of impact as you dynamically release the club. When you strike the ball, your left leg should straighten as your right hand and wrist turn over your left hand and wrist (like you have a watch on your right hand that you want to read as you are contacting the ball). Another way to think of it is rolling your left palm up toward the sky as you roll your left knuckles underneath (this is the Hogan way). The back of your left hand should be straight, not concave or collapsed, as you roll the club head past the hands. This will create a powerful snapping or whipping sensation of the release of the golf club, sending your ball soaring past your opponent's!

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Now get out there and foucus your attention on learning the mechanics and timing of the powerful release of the golf club in your swing!

Your Golf Mentor

Christy Erb

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