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Sunday, October 3, 2010

3 Main Problems of Novice Golfers

1. PROBLEM: Trying To Scoop Ball Up

There is an incorrect objective of trying to get underneath the ball, to hit the ball in the air. In their effort to add loft, they incorrectly have their weight on right foot at point of impact. They are hitting up on the ball, trying to do the work that the loft of the club does.

1. REMEDY: Hit Down And Through Ball

Transfer weight to left foot on downswing, as you swing down into the ball. Hitting down on the ball actually makes it go in the air. Trust the loft of the club to take the ball into the air as you swing through the ball with a de-lofted clubface.

2. PROBLEM: Left Hand Grip Is Too Weak

Club is lying across palm of left hand. Fingernail of left thumb is pointed right of the golf ball. Fleshy part of left hand is on the left side of the grip. Left arm is soft and bent.

2. REMEDY: Club More in Fingers

Club lying across fingers and then wrap hand around. Need to get fleshy part of left hand (opposite from thumb) onto right side of grip. The left thumb needs to be in a diagonal position with nail pointing to the left of the ball. Crank left elbow in toward belly button so that left arm is taut and straight. It may even feel awkward and broken if in the correct position.

3. PROBLEM: Don’t Turn Body Enough on Back Swing

They use arms to take back club rather than turn of the body.

3. REMEDY: Twist Your Core to Take Club Back

Feel as though the belly button and the top end of the club are intertwined, and that the only reason the club goes back is because your belly is turning back. Feel a full shoulder turn as well, so that your back is pointed at your target at the top of your back swing and left shoulder behind the ball.

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